1.Who can join World Solidarity Forum?

The WSF is a movement of organisations, groups and individuals across the World truly dedicated to universal solidarity at its most fundamental level.

Be it that you are an individual, an association, or a network of associations, if you are  truly passionate about protecting and implementing the basic fundamental human rights inscribed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then you should consider joining the WSF. You can join as a supporter or as a partner.. Individuals interested in joining should be willing to act  to secure and protect  fundamental human rights.

2.How can I become a member?

In order for you or your organisation to become members, please contact cristina.luca@eyfhr.eu stating your intention and providing a motivation letter explaining why you want to join the World Solidarity Forum.

3.Why should I get involved?

By joining the WSF, not only will you be contributing towards the betterment of the global society, you will also achieve your goals faster, whilst gaining access to a whole array of contacts and networking opportunities.

By joining the WSF, you will benefit from:

  • raising awareness of your organisation in the national and international context;
  • access to resources, support and a network of  like-minded people;
  • access to numerous human rights organisations’ contacts;
  • The description and logo of your organisation on the WSF website with a link to your website;
  • promotion of your events on the WSF website and on its social media channels;
  • presence of your logo on all printed material from the WSF;
  • feature articles in the WSF newsletter, with a reach of 5000+ people and about 100 organisations;
  • being mentioned in different articles on the WSF website and social media channels.